Five Best Ways to Avoid a Car Accident
A seemingly inexhaustible amount of information is available for consumers searching for an auto insurance policy. Instead of more chatter about the what, how and why of procuring such a policy, what say you we talk about avoiding car accidents altogether-pre-empting the need to pony up a deductible… - 08/15/2016
Top 10 Must-Have 2016 Automobile Technologies
Don't be the guy or gal a couple years down the road who didn't insist on automatic steering and self-parking features when buying a new car. Or LED headlights. Or an advanced smartphone infotainment integration system. And run-flat tires? They're a must-have! - 08/08/2016
Brace Yourself for Car Insurance Premium Hikes
If it hasn't happened already, expect to be asked to up the amount you pay the next time you receive a quote from your automobile insurance company. While nothing may have changed in your car-driving experience, the world has not stood still while you cruised without incident around the same town in… - 08/02/2016
Liability Auto Insurance: More Is Better
In most states, bodily injury liability and property damage liability are required as part of the minimum auto insurance coverages you must carry as a car owner. - 07/25/2016
12 Top-Rated Automobile Insurance Providers
Drivers must procure liability auto insurance before their cars can be taken out on the road. The consequences for not having it are steep: fines and suspension of your driver's license. To add insult to injury, auto insurance providers are likely to raise your rates if you are caught driving withou… - 07/15/2016
Airbags and Auto Insurance-Strangely, Not an Unhappy Relationship
As you're likely aware, a massive recall of Takata airbags-affecting 34 million vehicles in the U.S.-has been taking place since the Japanese manufacturer announced defects in April 2013. This isn't your run-of-the-mill defect. Six people have been killed from the shooting shrapnel that originates i… - 07/02/2016
The Five Most Expensive Cities to Insure a Car
Amidst struggling with traffic congestion, timing excursions based on parking meters, and moving your vehicle to avoid Alternate Side Parking tickets, owning a car in the city can be a strenuous necessity. To add insult to injury, you're likely paying substantially higher auto insurance premiums as … - 06/23/2016
Five Expert Tips for Reducing Car Insurance Premiums
The annual cost to own and operate a vehicle in the United States is $8,558, according to AAA's 2016 calculations. While that figure represents a six-year low thanks to falling gas prices, the insurance portion of that figure is up 9.6 percent (+$107) since last year to $1,222. - 06/08/2016
10 Most Stolen Vehicles: Imports and Pickups Filched for Parts
If you feel safe and secure driving around in your heavy-hauling pickup, maybe you want to turn a blind eye to the latest National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) report on "America's 10 Most Stolen Vehicles." The report verifies that imports and pickups continue to constitute the bulk of stolen vehic… - 05/27/2016
The (Surprising!) Top 10 Least Expensive Vehicles to Insure
You're about to enter into a long-term relationship with a new car (or perhaps just new for you), but do you know everything there is to know about it? Why not take a page from the dating playbook and do a background check? The claim history of that make and model, its safety record, and the typical… - 05/19/2016
Does Renting Your Home Mean You're a Lousy Auto Insurance Risk?
Auto insurers are being taken to task for their track record of charging customers higher premiums if they rent, vs. own, their homes. In fact, an analysis of premiums by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America (CFA) found that major auto insurance companies charge safe drivers as much as 47 pe… - 05/12/2016
Cars of the Future-Now!
Imagine the automotive design possibilities when driving is no longer restricted by the placement of a steering wheel or even forward-facing seats! When human drivers become optional, the sky's the limit. While car companies and automotive design firms are exploring this new freedom with a multitude… - 05/05/2016
You Totaled Your New Car. Can You Afford to Replace It?
Here's something known to be the bane of many a new car owner: The minute a car leaves the dealer's lot, it loses value-up to 9 percent of the purchase price, according to Richard Lavey, CMO at The Hanover Insurance Group. What's more, it loses 19 percent of its value in just the first year, says La… - 04/29/2016
The Five Most Expensive Cars to Insure
In the market for a brand new luxury car? Lucky you. But be careful your luck doesn't run out before your wheels hit the pavement. A high insurance premium on top of the cost of rolling a pristine vehicle off the showroom floor can make you feel like you've been taken to the cleaners. In fact, a cho… - 04/22/2016
Trinity Health Implements athenaOne to Improve Operational Performance and Increase Value to Patients
Trinity Health, a multi-institutional Catholic healthcare delivery system, has entered a partnership with athenahealth, a provider of cloud-based healthcare services, to deploy the athenaOne solution into some of Trinity Health's physician network offices. This solution will effectively help the org… - 04/16/2015
Marchex Institute's Mobile Advertising Study Finds Challenges, Advantages for Insurers
Mobile advertising in many ways is still a new tool for businesses. In much the same way that online advertising was met with skepticism when it first came on the scene, so too has mobile advertising-though perhaps not to the same extent. However, a new study from the Marchex Institute suggests that… - 03/23/2015
Avoka Selected by ANV to Improve Customer Journeys and Expand Global Insurance Business
There have been a seemingly unending number of reports and executive speeches about how the insurance industry needs to automate its business processes or risk the consequences of losing customers. This need to automate runs the gamut of the customer journey. In short, it covers how best to handle i… - 03/16/2015
Xpertdoc Integrates e-SignLive e-Signature Technology into its CCM Platform
Xpertdoc, a provider of document output automation solutions, and e-SignLive by Silanis, the world's leading e-signature solution, have announced a partnership to integrate the two companies' technology into a secure digital transaction service for insurance companies. Under the agreement, e-SignLiv… - 03/12/2015
Miniter Group Upgrades Insurance Tracking Software with OCR
Miniter Group, a provider of software for business in the insurance industry, recently announced the latest upgrade to its Borrower-Centric Insurance Tracking software, which includes the major addition of optical character recognition technology. - 03/02/2015
Wheelings and Dealings: New JV Acquires Tindall Associates
In terms of the other joint venture partner, LOGiQ³, it has been a partner to msg global solutions since May 2013, and is well grounded in working with TAI as it has used the TAI system for its Reinsurance Administration outsourcing business over several years as a consulting and outsourcing service… - 02/23/2015
Black Book Foresees Rise in Payer-Funded Private HIEs
A new research study from Black Book Rankings, a research institution for the clinical technology industry, explores the current state of and future predictions for health information exchanges (HIEs). HIE adoption is still quite low, but there is a growing need for providers and payers to share hea… - 02/18/2015
Accenture Unveils Newest Duck Creek Software Suite for Property & Casualty Insurance Carriers
For those who follow the insurance business you are no doubt aware of all of the latest reports, regardless of the type of insurance being offered, about the need for carriers in every line of business to invest in new technology to stay competitive. It does not matter your line-of-business (LOB), v… - 02/11/2015
IBM Lands Outsourcing Deal with Birla Sun Life Insurance
There are two big trends in the insurance industry regarding technology that are going to be dominant in 2015. The first is the overall sense of urgency that insurance carriers around the world are feeling that to stay competitive they must invest in business process automation technologies and capa… - 02/06/2015
Capital Insurance Group Picks Guidewire System for Underwriting and Policy Administration
The end of 2014 has become a harbinger of insurance industry interest in investing in state-of-the-art automation capabilities as competitive pressures and consumer demands, along with a host of mandate compliance and other technology driven changes continue to roil the way in which a host of busine… - 12/30/2014